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Diary Of A Photoshoot In Mallorca


We are very proud to have 2800 hand-picked villas for our customers to choose from. Each holiday home has its own page on our website where guests can browse the galleries leisurely and decide which villa works best for them. Over 30+ years of being in business has meant those images occasionally need updating and we like to send our highly skilled team over to the destinations to take new photos.

The most recent photoshoot was on the beautiful Balearic Island, Mallorca and we sent Danielle, Holly and Tania out with a suitcase of tripods, reflectors and cameras plus a list of villas to shoot. One of these villas would also be chosen for the front cover of our latest brochure.

No pressure ladies!


From the moment the aeroplane touched down in Palma de Mallorca airport on Thursday afternoon, it was all systems go for the team and they drove the hire car over to Villa Can Vilar where they carried out the first photoshoot.

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Danielle – It was so exciting to visit Mallorca with Holly and Tania, and a unique opportunity to discover more about how we photograph our villas! Being the non-photographer on the trip, I tried to make myself as useful as possible by plumping pillows and trying out my Spanish when chatting to the villa cleaners and owners.

Holly – Mallorca is so easy to get to, it’s only a 2 ½ hour flight and it was so easy to pick the hire car up and drop it back. No trouble at all, in fact Palma was an easy airport to navigate.

Home for the weekend was to be the beautiful Villa Es Garrovers which is walking distance to Pollensa town centre. After dinner at the end of each day the team would walk into Pollensa and enjoy the busy, bustling town. The Old Square was a particular favourite amongst them.

Vegan food in a restaurant in Mallorca

Vegan food in a restaurant in Mallorca

Tania – I have been totally bowled over by Mallorca. I was amazed at the food, being vegan is a tricky diet to satisfy but Mallorca had no problem, the food was incredible. There are lots of options for vegan food, separate menus and even vegan restaurants. I was in my element!

Danielle – Each evening we rewarded our hard work by taking a leisurely stroll from our villa into Pollensa Old Town, stopping at a restaurant that took our fancy to devour a huge pan of paella and a glass of sangria. It’s moments like that when I can’t believe this is my job!


Friday was a busy day, there were two villas to shoot both interior and exterior photos, plus the brochure cover photo of Villa La Nova. The team explained that a lot of research and preparation goes into a photoshoot. For example, looking at Google maps satellite views to see which way the villa is facing. Where is the sun in relation to the villa and are there any walls, trees or obstacles blocking the sun which would make a dull photo?

The resort manager, Sarah White, popped in to check everything was ok and that the team had everything they needed. She had mentioned, when the team was in the UK, that there was going to to be a cycling competition on Saturday which would close down much of Pollensa for the entire morning.

This meant the initial itinerary had been revisited and changes made, Sarah was able to give useful tips and directions to make work as easily as possible.

James Villa Brochure 2017

James Villa Brochure 2018

Holly – Sarah’s visit was really helpful to us and would be useful to holiday makers too as they could make alternative plans with the knowledge of the bike ride. Sarah also gave us plenty of local tips and ideas of where to go and eat in the evenings.

On arrival at Villa La Nova the sky was a bit cloudy, so the team made the most of their time and started setting up the equipment and trying for the best shots. Once all the preparations were ready as if by magic, the sun popped out. The team took their shot of Villa La Nova, packed their bags and moved on to Villa Domingo Petit situated on the border between Pollensa and Alcudia. We think they did a great job, what do you think?

Tania – Mallorca was a wonderful surprise for me, I was expecting barren land and run down towns whereas I found lush green mountain ranges and beautiful town centres full of history and local culture. I will definitely return with my family.


cap de formentor Mallorca

Saturday, ah yes the bike ride blocking the exit of Villa Es Garrovers! Thank goodness the team had woken to a typical Mallorca sunshiny day. Es Garrovers is a beautiful villa and lends itself to fantastic photos. I asked the team if they had used any props during the photoshoot.

Tania – We only took a tablecloth as we planned to use what could be found in each villa. The idea was to keep the images as true to life as possible, just as our guests find their holiday villa on arrival.

The Spanish authorities were quick to clear the roads once the bike race had passed through and with plenty of work still to do, the team jumped into their hire car and made their way over to Cala d’Or to photograph Villa Margarita.

Tania taking photos

Tania taking photos

Holly – We found Mallorca very easy to drive through, the main roads are well kept and there are lots of clear road signs making navigating very easy. Mallorca is very popular with cyclists, you’ll spot a few as you drive around.

The owners of Villa Margarita had been hard at work renovating their property over the quiet months; the gardens were looking beautiful and there was a new built-in barbecue too. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t kick off their shoes and enjoy the facilities as there were two more villas to photograph, Villa Es Moli Den Fanals and Villa El Cortijo.

Danielle – Hop footing from villa to villa was a great way to see the range of beautiful properties we offer in Mallorca – it was hard to pick a favourite. I snapped a few of my own pictures and sent them to friends, who replied with: “when can we go?” What an excuse this was to explore as much of the island as possible, the scenery along the way was some of the most striking I’d ever experienced. Picturesque mountains dominate the landscape making the drive a real treat.


The day started with jumping in the car and driving over to the Alcudia area for the first photoshoot at Villa Can Jaume d’els Oscals which, as you can see in the slideshow above, is now looking fabulous. Then it was on to Villa Sort Llarga just outside Pollensa.

Calvary Steps Pollensa Mallorca

Holly – Villa Sort Llager was my favourite villa and I would love to return here with my husband. I know he would really enjoy Mallorca. He’d want to see the sights like Cap de Formentor and I’d love to walk up the Calvary Steps in Pollensa Old Town with him. I’d enjoy having more time on the island to discover the beaches.

Tania – I could see my family having a lot of fun in Mallorca; we would definitely hire a boat, we’d have a pool day and I would enjoy watching the sunsets which are awesome. I love the peace and tranquillity a villa offers my family on holiday, it can’t be beaten.

Danielle – We returned home from the trip really proud of the brochure front cover image and totally in love with Mallorca.

These are just some of the little things we do to make sure our guests have a big holiday. Take a look at our villas in Mallorca and see which one is for you.

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Behind the scenes photography shoot

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